1. Under To-Do-List and Current Schedule, select a resolution that requires your response.

2. By clicking on the resolution, it will bring you to the page of the resolution.

3. To view the resolution document, tap on Action Needed.

4. At the bottom right corner of the PDF viewer, tap on    to view the supporting documents of the Resolution.

5. Tap on the Action button at the bottom right corner of the PDF viewer to Approve, Disapprove, Abstain or Send Remarks.

6. You can provide your response to the Resolution alongside your remarks, if any. If you wish to send remarks to the Administrator before you respond to the Resolution, you can do so by tapping on Send Remarks.

7. You may use your saved eSignature or sign on the space provided.

8. When you tap on Use Saved Signature, your eSignature will be shown on the screen. Tap on Proceed to continue.

9. If the Resolution requires a OTP to affirm your response, you will be required to enter the 6-digit OTP that is sent to your registered mobile phone number via SMS.

10. Alternatively, you can get an alternate OTP by using Authy app.

11. For more information on how to get OTP by using Authy app, please click on the attached PDF.

12. Your response will be captured at the bottom of the document and the Administrators can view it instantly.