To create a User Group,

1) From the left navigation menu, go to User Groups, and click on +Add User Group.

2) In the Add User Group page, enter the mandatory fields such as Name, Group Type and Formation Date.

3) Then, click on Next to Add Member.

4) Once you have clicked on Next to Add Member, you will be directed to the View User Group page.

5) Scroll down to Members and click on Add Member.

6) In the Add Member window, enter an existing Business User’s name and Member Role.

7) Then, click on Confirm.

8) Once you have added members into the User Group, scroll up to click on Activate and Notify.

9) Once you have clicked on Activate and Notify, the Notification window will pop-up.

10) You can select to Notify via Email and/or Push Notification.

11) From Participants & EA list, select the names you wish to notifythen click on Confirm.

Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial on How to Create a User Group.