To log in Board.Vision (BV) using touch id, you have to log in to BV with your log in account first.

Note:  The touch id feature only applies to iPhone 8, 8 Plus and below.

Step 1 - Log in to BV with your login id and password.

Step 2 - Type your 4 digit pin.

Step 3 -  Quit or kill the BV app.  

For the steps, how to kill the BV app, click this link: 

Step 4 - Tap on the BV app icon.

Step 5 - When the BV app prompt  "Touch ID for "Board.Vision" Touch ID/Face ID Login". Place your thumb on the iPhone home button (see red square).

Step 6 - Type your digit pin.

Step 7- You can also download the video for the steps.  (see attachment).