Welcome to Board.Vision Tutorials. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to finalise Outcome and resolve for an Approval.

To finalise outcome and resolve for an Approval:

1)  From the left navigation menu, go to Approvals and click on the Approval name.

2) In the View Approval page, click on Close and Resolve.

3) From the Finalise Outcome and Resolve window, choose your outcome; Passed or Failed.


4) Within Remarks box, type in your remarks.

5) Select to notify participants with Results Only or Results Details, then click on Confirm.

Note: If you have additional message to send to the participants, you can type in within the Additional Message to Recipients (in Email) box.

 You have successfully finalised outcome and resolve for an approval.

Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial on How to Finalise Outcome and Resolve for an Approval.

To learn how to preview and download an approval coc report, check out the How to Preview and Download an Approval COC Report” tutorial.