Welcome to Board.Vision Tutorials. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to act on an Approval as an Alternate Director. 

To act on approval as an Alternate Director: 

1) Log in to the Board.Vision App with your registered email address and password.

2) Tap on the Approval from the Upcoming Items.

3) You will be directed to the Vote on behalf pop-up window. Choose the principal director you want to act for then tap on Confirm

Important Note: If you have been added as Director and Alternate Director in the Approval, you will be able to see your name and the Director's name who has appointed you as an alternate director. 

4) Once you tapped on Confirm, you will see a pop-up message to inform you are acting as an alternate director to a Director. E.g. You're the alternate director to Amber BU Lim. 

5) To respond to the Approval, tap on the Action button at the bottom right corner.

Important Note: The blue icon on the Action button representing that you are acting as an alternate director. 

6) If you want to send remarks to your Administrator before responding to the Approval, tap on Add Remarks

7) To view the Approval and Document details, tap on Approval Info.


8) If you want to switch the role between Director and Alternate Director, tap on Switch Role.

Important Note: No matter you have chosen yourself as Director or Alternate Director, the annotated Approval document will be shared among them.  

8) Once you have tapped on a response action, you may edit your remarks. Then, tap on Continue.

9) Choose to sign your signature within the white box or select Load Signature to use the Signature previously saved and tap on Continue.

10) If the Approval requires an OTP to affirm your response, you will receive a 6-digit OTP on your registered mobile phone number via SMS. Alternatively, you can use Authy to generate an OTP.

11) Once the authentication has been verified successfully, your response will be captured at the bottom of the document and Administrators can view it instantly.

12) If you are still having pending actions, you will see a Pending Action pop-up window. To continue to act on the Approval, choose a user from the list then tap on Vote on behalf of OR tap on Continue to Approval Info. 

13) In the Approval Information page, you will be able to view your response and remarks if any. E.g. You Approved. When the principal Director did not respond to the Approval, he/she will be shown under the No Response status. 

Important Note: When the Director has responded to the Approval, his/her response will overwrite to the alternate director's response. The alternate director response will be hidden from the Approval. 

Additional Note: 
When your director has responded to the Approval before you, the Approval will be moved to the Completed page with No Action Taken status. 

To view your Director's response, tap on the Approval from the Completed page. Then, tap on Show Voters. The Director's response will be shown under Approved / Disapproved / Abstained status. And you will be shown under No Response status. 

You have successfully responded to an Approval as an Alternate Director.

Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial on How to Act on an Approval as an Alternate Director.