We have added a new function in the Planning and Scheduling and Approvals module, that allows the Administrators to notify the newly added participant and/or his/her executive assistant in an activated Schedule or Approval. 

To notify the newly added Participant and/or his/her Executive Assistant in an activated Schedule or Approval:

1) Go to the activated Schedule or Approval and scroll down to the Participants section. 

Then, click on +Add Participant.

3) In the Search to Add Participants pop-up window, click on Select beside the user's name whom you wish to add and you will be directed to the Add New Participanpop-up window.

4)  Select to notify the Participant and/or Executive Assistant via Email and/or Push Notification. Then, click on Confirm.


5) Once you have clicked on Confirm, the Participant will be added to the activated Schedule or Approval and will be receiving an email/push notification accordingly. 

If you face any issues, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at support@board.vision or +65 69097100 and we will be happy to help. 


Our hotline operating hours are from Mondays to Fridays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM SGT (excluding weekends and public holidays).