This feature allows an Alternate Director to view the Principal Director's response in a closed approval and vice versa. 

Important Note: If the Principal Director had submitted his / her response for Approval after the Alternate Director does, the Alternate Director's response will be overridden.

1) If both the Principal Director and Alternate Director have not yet responded to the Approval

- Both of their names will appear under the  'No Response' Status section.
2) If the Alternate Director votes on behalf of the Principal Director first

a) The Alternate Director's vote will appear under the Status section depending on his/her response action (E.g Abstained).

b) The
Principal Director's name will appear under the 'No Response' Status section.

Alternate Director's View

Principal Director's View

3) If the Principal Director votes on the Approval after the Alternate Director had voted

The Principal Director's response will override the Alternate Director's response.

Principal Director's View

Alternate Director's View

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