Welcome to Board.Vision Tutorials. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to act on an Approval as an Alternate Director. 

Important Note: The Board.Vision web app is optimized and supported for desktop use on Google Chrome (version 65.0 and later) and Microsoft Edge (version 87.0 and later). Please note that this support is intended for desktop environments and is not applicable to mobile devices. 

To act on Approval as an Alternate Director: 

1) Log in to your Board.Vision account using your registered email address and password. 

2) Once you have logged in, you will be directed to HomeBy default, Home will display the Approvals pending your action.

3) To view the Approval, click on the Action Required button. 

4) On the View Approvals page, you can view the Approval's Basic Information such as description, deadline, participants, a summary of responses, and individual responses. 

5) To view the Approval document, click on View Document. The document will open in the new window. The red dot indicates that the document has not been read. 

6) On the Approval document, you will be able to see a black label that shows you are acting as the Director or Alternate Director.

7) If you want to switch your role between Director and Alternate Director, click on the Action button. Then, click on Switch Role. 

Important Note: No matter whether you have chosen yourself as a Director or Alternate Director, the annotated Approval document will be shared among them.

8) On the Switch Role pop-up window, choose the Principal Director you want to act for, then click on Confirm

9) Once you have clicked on Confirm, the black label will be updated and show you are acting as an Alternate Director to a Principal Director. E.g. You are acting as the Alternate Director of Adrian Tee.

To act on the Approval, cick on a response action (Approve / Disapprove / Abstain). 

Click on the Add Remarks If you wish to leave a comment on the Approval. Do note that the comment will be visible to Administrators and other Directors. 

10) Once you have clicked on a response action, a screen will pop up reflecting your response selection with your saved signature. Click on Continue to proceed. 

11) If you have an existing remark, once you have clicked on Continue, you will be prompted to edit your remarks on the Edit Remarks screen. 

a) Click on Continue without editing to proceed to approve without editing your remarks OR,

b) Click on Go to Edit if would like to amend your existing remarks.

12) If the Approval requires an OTP to affirm your response, you will receive a 6-digit OTP on your registered mobile phone number via SMS. Alternatively, you can use Authy to generate an OTP.

13) Once the authentication has been verified successfully, your response will be captured at the bottom of the document and Administrators can view it instantly. 

14) If you are still having pending actions, click on the 3 dots at the bottom right corner. 

15) Then, click on the Switch Role. On the Switch Role pop-up window, click on Act as a Director

16) The black label will be updated and show you are acting as the Director. 

a) To act on the Approval, click on a response action (Approve / Disapprove / Abstain) OR, 

b) Click on Close at the top right to go back to the Approval document.

17) On the View Approval page, under the Individual Responses, you will be able to view your submitted response and added remarks (see red box)

If the Principal Director did not respond to the Approval, his/her status will show as Action Required (see green box).   

Important Note: 

When the Principal Director has responded to the Approval after the Alternate Director, his/her response will overwrite the Alternate Director's response. 

When the Principal Director has responded to the Approval before the Alternate Director, no action is required from the Alternate Director.

Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial on how to act on an Approval as an Alternate Director. 

If you face any issues, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at support@board.vision or +65 69097100 and we will be happy to help. 

Our hotline operating hours are from Mondays to Fridays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM SGT (excluding public holidays).