Business User and Administrator - Release Features Update on 08 May 2023

SmartSign complements the approval process built into Board.Vision by allowing signatories who do not have access to Board.Vision itself sign off documents prepared from within Board.Vision. It allows you to customise input fields and signatory elements into your documents and assign an email address of the recipient to receive a one-time password. SmartSign is a unique feature that is seamlessly integrated with Board.Vision and allows authorised Board.Vision users to prepare documents and request eSignatures from signatories outside of Board.Vision. It creates a tamper-proof Certification of Completion that records the signature time stamps for the approval process. SmartSign version 1 is consistent with the Singapore Electronic Transactions Act 2010 definition of electronic signature and future release will support digital signatures including SingPass integration.

Board.Vision New Optional Feature: SmartSign
Did you know that you can now securely prepare PDF documents and send them by email for signature with our new eSignature feature, SmartSign? SmartSign ...
Sat, 6 May, 2023 at 6:44 PM