Welcome to Board.Vision Tutorials. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps to add director’s New Shareholding or Interest.

To add director’s new shareholding or interest: 

1) Log in to your Director Disclosure account  using your registered email address and password.

2) Click on the Arrow Down button next to the Section 156 header, then select Section 165 from the dropdown list. 

3) Once you have selected Section 165, Current Shareholdings section will be shown as your main screen.  

4) Click on the + icon.

5) Enter the information requested. Fields marked with asterisks are mandatory and cannot be left blank. 

6) Under Direct or Deemed Interest, click on the + icon. 

7) Enter the mandatory fields shown on the Add Shareholdings/Interests pop-up window, then choose Add Interest or Save as Draft 

8) Click on the Confirm Shareholdings button at the bottom to proceed.  

You have successfully added Director’s new shareholding or interest.

Congratulations! You have completed the tutorial on How to Add Director’s New Shareholding or Interest.