There are FIVE User roles on Board.Vision which are Administrator, Business User, Executive Assistant, Auditor, and User Manager.  

An Administrator is a corporate secretary who is responsible to create users' accounts, manage user groups, schedule upcoming meetings, prepare resolutions, and upload board papers for meetings in the company. There are four types of Administrators on Board.Vision; Product Owner, Super Administrator, Elevated Administrator, and Normal Administrator. To find out more details, click here.

A Business User is a Director who uses Board.Vision app on iPad/iPhone/Android Phone/Desktop/Laptop to access board packs, approve resolutions and vote for his/her availability for an upcoming meeting. 

An Executive Assistant is a Director's personal assistant who can assist the Director to vote for his/her availability for an upcoming meeting and sends a reminder to the Director of his/her pending approvals or upcoming meetings. 

A User Manager is an administrator who can only access the company's Users module. The user's main role is creating and deactivating users from the company.

An Auditor is personnel, authorised to access to view particular meeting minutes, resolution Certificate of Completion (CoC) reports, and all the information in the Registers module.

Important Note: You are allowed to create a User with dual roles, as both an Administrator and a Business User.