There are some updates to the user interface design in the Schedule module.


Below is a comparison of the previous and current designs for your reference.

1. The vote count has been updated from 'total number of votes received' to 'total number of votes received / total number of voters invited' in the Schedule module.


Important Note: Only voters who voted 'Yes' will be included in the count.

Previous Design
- Under the Mark Your Availability section, only the total number of votes received was displayed (see red box) E.g., 2 Vote(s).

Current Design
- Under the Mark Your Availability section, displaying the total number of votes received, against the total number of voters . E.g., 3/4 Vote(s).

2. Replaced the Voter's name with a 'You'.

Previous Design
- When you logged in to Board.Vision account, your name was shown as a voter under the Voters and Mark Your Availability sections.

Current Design
- When you log in to Board.Vision account, you will see 'You' instead of your name under the Voters and Mark Your Availability sections.

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