We have added a function to allow Administrators to automatically designate a newly registered company secretary as the Named Company Secretary by default in the Register of Secretaries.

Previously, when Administrators registered a new company secretary in the Register of Secretaries, the 'Named Company Secretary' checkbox was deselected by default.

Now, Administrators can set the checkbox to be selected by default.

Important Note: This function is available only to the Product Owner and Super Administrator and it applies to the new entries in the Register of Secretaries module. It does not apply to the existing records.

Below is a comparison of the previous and current designs for your reference.

1) Global Settings

 Previous Design

- The Global Settings page did not have the Register Settings function. 

Current Design

- We have added an option in the Register Settings section on the Global Settings page to automatically designate the newly registered secretary as the Company Secretary by default.

2) Register of Secretaries module

 Previous Design

- By default, the 'Named Company Secretary' is not checked. 

Current Design

- If Administrators select the 'The newly registered secretary will be automatically named as the Company Secretary by default.' option in the Register Settings section on the Global Settings page, this designation will automatically be displayed on the Register of Secretaries user information page.

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