What file formats does the Board.Vision support?     


Board.Vision only accepts PDF file formats. Other extension file formats including PDF portfolios are not supported. 

Board.Vision only accepts PDF File formats for uploads due to the following:

1) We use this as a way to secure the process and create a non-modifiable record. This is important for approval documents as we need to convert them to a COC report. 

2) Microsoft does not provide support for 3rd party applications to open MS office files inside them.

What is the maximum file size for my documents?

You can upload multiple files. The maximum file size for each file is 20 MB.


How can I reduce the size of my files?

You can reduce the size of your files by: 

  • Scanning the document in black and white from its hard copy; or
  • Lowering the resolution of the soft copy document; or 
  • Converting the soft copy document to PDF format with low resolution.