1) What is Board.Vision Supported Devices and Browsers

2) Who are the Board.Vision Main Users

3) How to Create a User

4) How to Create a User with an Auditor Role

5) How to Add Multiple New Users at once

6) How to Edit an Existing User's Details

7) How to Delete a User

8) How to Resend Invite to a User

9) How to Assign a Business User to an Executive Assistant after Bulk Uploading Users

10) Where to View the List of Users and the Contact Information within the Company

11) How to Reset Password

12) Where to View your Activity Logs

13) Where to View the Terms of Use (TOU) 

14) Where to View the Privacy Policy

15) Where to View the Board.Vision Release Notes

16) How to Assign an Administrator's Access Rights

17) How to Switch Company

18) How to Contact the Board.Vision Support Team